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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 11:25:33 -0700
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on 6/11/07 3:10 AM, mark ford at markf at ssl.gb.com wrote:
> Yep, and solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs, and most wind
> turbines all take more 'co2'/energy to produce, dispose of, and
> transport around the world than they will ever 'save' or generate in
> their entire short working product life! (Paticularly solar panels, they
> are the worst way of generating power there is (besides coal and gas),
> also being stuffed full of very nasty chemicals like selenium!)
That would concern me if they did not have a profoundly long working
life. The original solar panels built during world war 2 are STILL
WORKING, so, the "life" of solar panels is still unknown - except that
they exceed 60 years.

I am sure the most wealthy and powerful people in the world (the owners
of giant oil production - who still have not paid once cent in compensation
to the generational fishing industry families that were wiped out - or for
anything else from the Exxon Valdez? incident - having the most highly
educated and sophisticated lawyers on the planet) would like everyone to
believe renewable power sources are all poppycock.

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