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?This usually happens when a meteorite draws iron from the air,?


Sunday night blast ? it was a meteoroid

By Yohan Perera

A meteorite explosion in the air above Sri Lanka rocked many areas on Sunday
night and caused panic among people who feared it was another bomb blast or air

The Astronomy Unit of Colombo University and Arthur C. Clarke Centre confirmed
the loud bang heard on Sunday night was a meteorite explosion.

According to Colombo University senior lecturer Chandana Jayaratne the explosion
had taken place over Nattandiya and the size of the meteoroid was around one
meter. ?It had exploded in the air, illuminating the night sky,? he said.
Eyewitnesses confirmed they saw the night sky being illuminated with the

The professor said the telephone lines in Andiambalama and Mirigama areas had
undergone disturbance at the time of the explosion. ?This usually happens when a
meteorite draws iron from the air,? he explained.

Professor Jayaratne said this was a usual phenomenon as many meteorites fall
throughout the year. The astronomy unit of the Colombo University is reported to
have a large collection of meteorite samples collected from many parts of the

Meanwhile Arthur C. Clarke Centre said it had received from many areas
information on the explosion and the sighting of a bright object streaking
through the night sky. A Centre spokesman said a moving bright object was seen
from as far as Hambantota. The sound of the explosion had been heard in
Mirigama, Kuliyapitiya, Bingiriya and Kotadeniyawa, he said.

According to the spokesman there may have been a meteorite shower which caused
several explosions. The Centre is to send its research teams to Nattandiya and
Kuliyapitiya areas.
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