[meteorite-list] Alarmists are not new.

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Hi, Greg,

    Dr. Ehrlich is alive and well and on the faculty
of Stanford, which he has been since 1959. He is
head of the Center for Conservation Biology there
(he's a entomologist, you know, specializing in

    Well, here. Check it out yourself...

    He could have been completely right when
he wrote "The Population Bomb" in 1968. There
were no great results coming from old or new
food yield genetic technologies despite decades
of promises, promises. Then it exploded in the
70's and continues to do so. Whoops!

    He did not believe that technology could get
you out of all difficulties; some he thought, you
were just stuck with; you had to accept limitations.
Of course, he knew people didn't want to hear that,
but he thought that was because it was an inconvenient
truth people didn't want to face. In the case of his
cause, it just appears simply to have not been true.

Sterling K. Webb
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       To all,

    In view of all the talk about global warming, does anyone remember Paul
Ehrlich? You know....the great "authority" who wrote the book, "The
Population Bomb" in the late 1960s. The world was up in arms due to his
book. There was going to be *mass famine* all over the earth by the late
1970s or by the mid-1980s at the latest because of the "inevitable"
explosion of the world's population. According to Ehrlich, nothing could
stop it.
    What happened to Ehrlich's vision of our planet?
    What ever happened to Ehrlich?
    Funny how the absolutely "fool proof science" of today is really not
that fool proof at all.

    Greg Lindh

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