[meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically proven or afarce

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"SOME say the world will end in fire
 Some say ice
 From what I've tasted of desire
 I'd hold those who favor fire
 But if it had to perish twice
 I think I know enough of hate
 To know that for destruction
 Ice is great
 And would suffice" Robert Frost AKA chillman

Jerry Flaherty
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> Good evening Folks,
> Not wanting to intentionally stir the "pot of angst", I won't share my
> opinions regarding the validity of the global warming theory......in great
> part
> because it conflicts with the beliefs of roughly half of the List and,
> arguably,
> neither extreme (entirely pro or con) position is capable of clear and
> convincing scientific proof at this stage. And also, because, in greater
> part, I will
> admit that I am truly uncertain which argument has greater credibility.
> I would submit two widely held, and generally accepted, scientific
> theorems
> to consider before taking sides in this debate:
> 1. Entropy
> 2. Perpetual Motion
> Best regards,
> Paul Martyn
> Savannah GA
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