[meteorite-list] Micrograph NWA 094 LL3.6 Combined incident and transmitted light

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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 11:42:37 EDT
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Hi list, I have a beautiful micrograph of NWA 094 LL3.6 that I think you
will enjoy. It is a relatively high magnification (160X) for Xpol work and it
is combined transmitted and incident light (pass through and reflected).
These shots are difficult in that you must be able to take a good photo in
either method and then you start all over when you combine them. It is easy to
drown out one method with the other.

Paul, editor of Meteorite Times, manages my Gallery (I'm way to
technophobic) and he is working on an update including many Moss CO3.5 micrographs I will
post the list when they are up.

Email me and I will email back this cool micrograph. I think it is well
worth your time.

Tom Phillips

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