[meteorite-list] Micrograph NWA 094 LL3.6 Combined incident and transmitted light

From: Mal Bishop <magbish3_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 15:14:43 -0400
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To the list at large,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to invite everyone the least bit
interested in not only meteorites ( and you know who you are {smile} ),
but science
and art as well, to please bombard Tom with request to see this outstanding
example of synergistic delight when mother nature's hidden treasures are
brought to light via science and technology!

Tom as usual has performed another stellar achievement in bringing to human
eyes what not too many years ago would have been only privy to a "higher power"
(pun intended). It amazes me to ponder the significance of something like
this -- that but for our brief contemporary period of history exempt, no
human was able
to witness, let alone imagine such beauty could exist since the dawn of
mankind! To me, that is something almost unfathomable to conceive -- that
people such as we
are able to witness such marvels hidden from view since the beginning of it
all! Should we feel a little humbled, yet, elated at the same time?

Besides begging Tom directly for a look at this micrograph of NWA 094, his
gallery of other outstanding examples
can be found

Best to all,

At 11:42 AM 6/12/2007 -0400, STARSANDSCOPES at aol.com wrote:
>Hi list, I have a beautiful micrograph of NWA 094 LL3.6 that I think you
>will enjoy. It is a relatively high magnification (160X) for Xpol work
>and it
>is combined transmitted and incident light (pass through and reflected).
>These shots are difficult in that you must be able to take a good photo in
>either method and then you start all over when you combine them. It is
>easy to
>drown out one method with the other.
>Paul, editor of Meteorite Times, manages my Gallery (I'm way to
>technophobic) and he is working on an update including many Moss
>CO3.5 micrographs I will
>post the list when they are up.
>Email me and I will email back this cool micrograph. I think it is well
>worth your time.
>Tom Phillips
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