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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 00:27:16 +0200
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Dear list,
my colleage Matthias Baermann and I would like to announce the completion of the report on the Bassikounou meteorite fall. The text is now online at

Your comments and corrections are appreciated.
Work on the Taxonomic Catalog on the masses recovered is still progressing. The catalog will be successively extended until the publication on July 1st.
The authors are obliged to Dr. Beda Hofmann of the University of Bern, Switzerland and team for their diligent analysis of the Bassikounou material. Further to Hanno Strufe, Germany, for bringing the new material to the light of the public and for sharing his information on the find circumstances of the 3.165kg El Moichine mass. Dieter Heinlein from the European Fireball Network, Germany, was so kind to advise us on the correct interpretation of the fireball observations from Mauretania. With his help the authors were able to assign a fireball sighting from Adrar in Algeria to a different event and exclude a connection with the Bassikounou meteorite fall.

The authors are especially thankful to Prof. Zelimir Gabelica and Tomasz Jakubowski for their tireless efforts to contact French, Belgian and Polish collectors respectively and to forward data on Bassikounou meteorites that were already distributed in private and institutional collections. In Mauretania, we would like to thank our local correspondent Mohamed Yahya Ould Abdel Wedoud, Publishing Director of Peace Newspaper, Nouakshott for collecting eye witness reports on our behalf and for providing background information on the fall area.
Thanks for your support
Svend Buhl & Matthias Baermann
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