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well, from 3 kg. total mass say from the first dealers
to the 26 kg. of now its a big difference, in fact
like to the usual one the price from 6 euro for gram
offer in the first time, now is go to $3/gr. and under
for big pieces....last time I buy a meteorite without
real info on total weight..


--- info at niger-meteorite-recon.de ha scritto:

> Dear list,
> my colleage Matthias Baermann and I would like to
> announce the completion of the report on the
> Bassikounou meteorite fall. The text is now online
> at
> Your comments and corrections are appreciated.
> Work on the Taxonomic Catalog on the masses
> recovered is still progressing. The catalog will be
> successively extended until the publication on July
> 1st.
> The authors are obliged to Dr. Beda Hofmann of the
> University of Bern, Switzerland and team for their
> diligent analysis of the Bassikounou material.
> Further to Hanno Strufe, Germany, for bringing the
> new material to the light of the public and for
> sharing his information on the find circumstances of
> the 3.165kg El Moichine mass. Dieter Heinlein from
> the European Fireball Network, Germany, was so kind
> to advise us on the correct interpretation of the
> fireball observations from Mauretania. With his help
> the authors were able to assign a fireball sighting
> from Adrar in Algeria to a different event and
> exclude a connection with the Bassikounou meteorite
> fall.
> The authors are especially thankful to Prof. Zelimir
> Gabelica and Tomasz Jakubowski for their tireless
> efforts to contact French, Belgian and Polish
> collectors respectively and to forward data on
> Bassikounou meteorites that were already distributed
> in private and institutional collections. In
> Mauretania, we would like to thank our local
> correspondent Mohamed Yahya Ould Abdel Wedoud,
> Publishing Director of Peace Newspaper, Nouakshott
> for collecting eye witness reports on our behalf and
> for providing background information on the fall
> area.
> Thanks for your support
> Svend Buhl & Matthias Baermann
> www.niger-meteorite-recon.de
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