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Hey Martin,
Have one of your best visits to Ensisheim. When you return maybe you'll
peruse this?
I found a "translation" but I'm a somewhat baffled as to what one, Frost,
Has to do with the other, Erhardt?
Unless you're offering alternative catastrophic end of days.
If that's the case, I believe my point has been missed.

I see Frost's "Some say.." as married to the List's recent thread.
Yes, he rather insightfully, albiet poeticly, dismisses any shread of
disparity in consequences of the cycles of glaciation and its counterpoint,
Cycles which feed off and precipatate one another, by the way. [Check out
the GIA principle]
But more importantly, I referred to him as a vehicle to reiterate that
CYCLES are part and parcel of the climatological history of Earth.
In earlier posts I'd referred to Milankovitch and Shackleton, Sun Spots,
seafloor cores, tree rings, etc.,
Not to convince anyone on either side of the "debate" of anything other than
that our planet has undergone such a history.
I too can personally, anecdotally offer my limited experience as to a
"warming trend".

Today, Creationist "science" confronts Geologic records.
Time spans and the records they provide are laid waste by people whose
intentions are more than likely well meaning and earnest.
The glory of a hard wrought struggle wrested from the stone is trivialized
in a reversal of logic and sabateur mentality.
Short sighted, no? Yet how DOES one convince someone of something about
which they've made up their minds?

Will billions be spent by earnest well intentioned peers in an effort to
forstall a current climatological swing of the pendulum?
Will these efforts deminish these effects?
Will this effort provide countless people with income and positive activity.
I imagine.

As human's, we register on anyone's radar looking to lay blame.
Heck look at "Original Sin"
Where else can we search?
 "and trouble deaf heaven with our bootless cries"
But I imagine that blame is a form of anthropmorhism emenating from the
utter anguish of our own tenuous existence?
As a member of a list that collects and considers a most powerful influence
on climate [and other gruesome consequences],
This instrument Has instantaneously concluded and subsequently SHALL
conclude all humble attempts at meaning.
To be able to hold one of these wonders in my hands never ceases to inspire
I find pondering these messengers' beginning and histories,
Blends Science and Art, in an inextricable web trandsending both.
To me the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Spirituality is at its core, shining with the brilliance of a billion suns.
So not to consider these alternatives is a tragedy of epic proportions.
Conclusions may be illusive and illusury, persuit, nevertheless is a device
granting us some power.
So "fight" on comrades, life IS the struggle.

I hope that these ramblings don't impinge upon anyone's sensibilities.
That's what the delete button's for.

"One would have all mountains of the whole world,

gathered and placed on top of each other

and would be to feet of this massif,

a rieiges sea, a broad and low.

And fell now, under thunders and lightnings

the mountain into this sea - well, which squirt w?rd'! ; -)"

(Heinz Erhardt)

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" H?tte man s?mtliche Berge der ganzen Welt,
zusammengetragen und ?bereinandergestellt
und w?re zu F??en dieses Massivs,
ein riesiges Meer, ein breites und tiefs.
Und st?rzte nun, unter Donnern und Blitzen
der Berg in dieses Meer - na das w?rd' spritzen!"
Heinz Erhardt

Sorry, Jerry, no time for translation, Ensisheim is coming!


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"SOME say the world will end in fire
 Some say ice
 From what I've tasted of desire
 I'd hold those who favor fire
 But if it had to perish twice
 I think I know enough of hate
 To know that for destruction
 Ice is great
 And would suffice" Robert Frost AKA chillman

Jerry Flaherty
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> Good evening Folks,
> Not wanting to intentionally stir the "pot of angst", I won't share my
> opinions regarding the validity of the global warming theory......in great

> part
> because it conflicts with the beliefs of roughly half of the List and,
> arguably,
> neither extreme (entirely pro or con) position is capable of clear and
> convincing scientific proof at this stage. And also, because, in greater
> part, I will
> admit that I am truly uncertain which argument has greater credibility.
> I would submit two widely held, and generally accepted, scientific
> theorems
> to consider before taking sides in this debate:
> 1. Entropy
> 2. Perpetual Motion
> Best regards,
> Paul Martyn
> Savannah GA
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