[meteorite-list] A friendly warning...

From: Jakub Radwan <jakub_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 10:42:01 +0200
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The last time I e-mailed you was about 4 weeks ago. As my message has not
bounced back, I believe it has reached its destination.

I neither blame you for the loss of the package nor expect a refund. "I
don't answer every email on the same subject," that is exactly what I am
complaining about. It is a matter of Internet savoir vivre. And as you
claim you "had this problem before," perhaps you should learn your lesson
and restrain yourself from shipping via economy parcel post.

Kind regards,

Jakub Radwan
Polish Meteoritical Society

"michael cottingham" <mikewren at gilanet.com> napisa?(a):
> Jakub,
> When is the last time you emailed me? 5 or 6 months ago? Because this
> is
> the 1st time, since our transaction that I have heard anything about this
> one.
> Back then I answered your emails. Back then I told you I had shipped it
> and
> back then I communicated with you just fine.
> NO. I don't answer every email on the same subject, especially when
> overseas
> shipping can take time ... a long time. I have had this problem before,
> and
> I believe everyone finally did receive their item. Maybe, a year later,
> but
> that was not MY FAULT!
> True Story: I sent out several thousands of dollars worth of the Rare
> Fall,
> Weston... I sent it out Global Priority Mail. It never showed up. I was
> surprised because I had never lost a Global Priority before. I sent a
> replacement.. Registered Mail, Thousands of dollars more of Weston. IT
> Showed up. This was to Germany. The buyer thought I was a thief. I
> thought
> the buyer a thief. I began to slowly refund the money... I was pissed
> because I thought I was scammed. About a year or more later, one of the
> packages was found in the basement of the next door neighbor. They found
> this package while cleaning their basement. My buyer was not home when
> the
> package came, so the postman gave it to the neighbor... and she finally
> gave
> it to my client a year later! The second package is still missing in
> Germany.
> In the 10 years I have been doing this... I have sent over 20,000
> packages.
> I have over 9,000 (NINE THOUSAND) Positive feedbacks on Ebay, and that is
> just my ebay business. I have sold thousands of meteorites to hundreds
> of
> happy customers. I have refunded every purchase that was lost in the mail
> or
> if the person was dissatisfied.
> Also, there is NO WAY to track your shipment outside the USA. At that
> time I
> do not believe that service was available on the way I sent it.
> ALSO, when you elect to play the "Customs Game", that is, no or little
> value
> decalred on the item and you want to insure it for the full amount,
> remember
> I told you I don't do that. It is illegal. I did recommend that you
> insure
> it, but that amount would be declared on the customs invoice and you
> would
> have to pay your customs fee. If the buyer elects to have NO VALUE placed
> on
> the item, as to avoid custom fees, then they forfeit all rights to a
> refund.
> I have had maybe 25 lost packages, (In 10 years) and I believe I have
> refunded or replaced the items in all of these cases, unless there was
> some
> other agreement.
> In my experience, Italy is the worst place to send anything to... Eastern
> Europe is second and Germany has sometimes the worst delays.. (Due to
> Customs). This statement is not intended to be slander or to be mean,
> but
> some countries have a terrible postal system, with thieves, delays, and
> other problems...
> I am in the business to sell meteorites... not play games. CUSTOMER>
> SERVICE>SELLER. The party in the middle is sometimes to blame!
> Best Wishes
> Michael Cottingham
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> Dear Listees,
> As I have tried all other ways to work things out, I believe it is high
> time I sent a friendly warning.
> Almost 7 months ago, I purchased a specimen of Campo Del Cielo from
> Michael
> Cottingham. As a Christmas bonus Michael offered a 50% discount and
> agreed
> to cover freight charges. What was my surprise when it turned out that
> the
> package had been sent via USPS's Global Economy Parcel service (the worst
> ground shipping option out there with estimated delivery time of 4-6
> weeks). Needless to say the parcel has never made it, but that is not why
> I
> am making this public. The real reason is Michael's lack of respect for
> his
> customers.
> Not only has he failed to provide me with a shipping confirmation as a
> proof that the package has actually been sent (with all due respect, why
> should I trust him?), he is also not even so kind as to reply to my
> e-mails. Of course, I am aware there is no way to get my money back. I
> just
> want to warn you. Please think twice before you order anything from the
> Michael Cottingham Meteorite Collection.
> Kind regards from Poland,
> Jakub Radwan
> Polish Meteoritical Society
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