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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 17:23:52 -0600
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Hurray Steve! And thanks for the new word 'redux' I looked it up, first
foolishly assumed it was a typo, being a chemist with redox on the mind.

Hurray Anne! I've been at odds with Michael on Proud Tom for a long time:
 * * *
Doug posted re: Proud Tom BS (Jan 2004):
"Michael, My respects to the creative talents of all the lampooning folk --
real good. Here's to the genuine Proud Tom's getting over his SERIOUSLY
acute case of bovine mateoitis!"

"The marines would be the first to hunt down and kill the Proud Tom, and
will not hide their identity. I can't delete or similar and must file your
educated and passionate messages about these people in my duck sh*t file.
To which Michael responded:
Doug, "Hunt down and kill....." that is some SERIOUSLY weird thinking. I
think I have to start saving ALL these messages in my "X" file for WIERD!
Growing concerned about the direction all this is going......Michael
 * * *
Michael 'wierdly' had a cow when I said that!

I agree most with Thomas Webb and congratulate his thoughtful and mature
"We can laugh at ourselves and good-naturedly poke fun at our friends when
they are
agreeable to it, but I saw nothing of this with that particular character."

If PT wants to come back, I think it would be ok if he first gets an email
address, name change, and takes change in attitude classes from Steve's Mom.

Chicago Steve's Mom taught:
"My mom always told me,A SMILE IS A NICE REFLECTION ON YOU."

Mark mulled:
"That said, there has to be a joke about 'Gao's' there somewhere! :) lol."

Even Anne ribbed Steve:
"As Chicago-Steve said '....may he rest in piece'. "

Nor could Bernd resist again:
"....may [tom tom] rest in p i e c e s ".

Michael cowered:
"Bet most of you won't be able to resist checking that out."

Doug joins in thought:
"Steve, I think PT is about as funny as watching you getting run over by a
convoy of tandem 18-wheelers and getting up piecefully."

Michael, This is just my unsolicited personal opinion without malice toward
PT. PT was a dark genius. I prefer not to see the traditional PT ever
again, despite the anomalously debonair Steve's invitation. (In clicking on
this link you agree to Steve's outlook", if you don't, you must resist going
there): www.diogenite.com/ptsays.jpg

Steve, if I've misunderstood your post, just say the word and the picture
will be taken down.

Chicago Steve invited:
"I hope everyone on the list has a great day while I set and wait for my 510
gram GAO to come to it's new home."

And now we will be hearing about this until the Gao's come home and on into
the hereafter, upon their subsequent herding and slaughtering on eBay

Best health, Doug

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> Hmm, all very well and good, and usually most people can take a well
> meant joke and laugh with it, that is until someone then finds it deeply
> offensive or hurtful or harmful to their lively hood then its suddenly
> not quite so funny any more. In today's, ip logged, globally litigious
> world, personally I'd be very careful about defaming anyone on purpose,
> these things seem like a good idea at the time, but they can actually
> cost big time.
> That said, there has to be a joke about 'Gao's' there somewhere! :) lol.
> M.
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> Wow he is almost back,but not quite.Hey I do not care
> if proud tom comes back or not.It has been a few years
> since I got lambasted by him.Actually it was quite
> funny.Being as super liberal as I am,I laughed all the
> way to the funny bank.I know pt is a fictional
> character made up of someone who is very good with a
> computer.My hats off to him.I believe that there is a
> line we should never cross.He has made up his own.I
> know that there are a few people who do not like his
> "humor".For me it does not even bother me.IT IS ONLY
> WORDS!Hot air coming off of someone's computer.Like
> Mr. blood says,the delete key is only 1 inch away from
> my little finger,and I use it alot.I know that I am
> not liked by some people on this list,and that is
> ok,but proud tom is just a fictional character who
> sometimes has gone overboard,but not a problem for
> me.My mom always told me,A SMILE IS A NICE REFLECTION
> ON YOU.So if pt comes back so what,if not,no biggy to
> me.There is just to much negativity going on in this
> world,it really does not take much effort to smile.But
> it is really amazing how much energy we put into being
> negative.Well long live proud tom or may he rest in
> piece.I hope everyone on the list has a great day
> while I set and wait for my 510 gram GAO to come to
> it's new home.
> steve arnold,chicago
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