[meteorite-list] B.O.: Purina Iron Chow unlikely; Bloomington Airport probably ruled out

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Hi all,

Grinding flour can involve very large rollers spinning I believe...I
remember a stone getting into the grain on my Fathers farm and shooting
backwards out of the rollers like a bullet when it jammed...a piece of
old machinery might well do the same. But if it could travel that
distance, I am not so sure!

Graham Ensor, Nr Barwell UK

Matson, Robert wrote:

>Hi Sterling,
>Well-sleuthed! I think we can rule out a cat food factory
>as a likely source for a flying piece of metal slag... ;-)
>I tried another route: I investigated flights coming in
>for a landing at Bloomington (KBMI) that Monday morning.
>There was only one at the approximate time of the incident:
>Mesaba Aviation flight 2783 arriving from Detroit. On some
>mornings this flight will make its final approach from the
>northwest (potentially flying over the impact house) before
>landing on runway 11/29, but on this particular morning it
>landed in the opposite direction from the southeast,
>arriving at 9:50am. Given the light prevailing wind from
>the NNW, it makes sense that they landed flying into the
>So if an aircraft is to be blamed, it would have to be
>one that was simply flying over Bloomington, heading
>east or southeast. --Rob
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>Hi, Rob, List,
>The "industrial" facility is:
>Sic: 204898
>You will note that under that vast roof is,
>not a building, but an array of metal silos
>for grain storage. (I'm assuming you're
>looking at the same Google Earth view
>I am.) The industrial activity carried on
>there is the grinding of grain into flour, a
>nicely neolithic task which is frankly unlikely
>to flang pseudometeorites about in vertical
>The SIC code indicates that it processes
>soybeans for oil. The facility is operated
>by Cargill, Inc. If you want to call them,
>contact Ray A. Dostal, 309/827-7131, and
>explain that you're NOT from the EPA who
>monitor the plant by photo reconnaissance!
>I've got just such a large facility right in the
>heart of the downtown of my town, on the
>edge of the Mississippi River, operated by
>Con-Agra, antique and built of stone, not
>sheet metal. It's surrounded by the downtown
>business district on two sides, and has never
>flang a pseudometeorite in a vertical arc, to
>my knowledge. (Occasional dust explosion
>is fun, though, but not enough to flang.)
>Sterling K. Webb
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