[meteorite-list] Stability of Pallasites/Rocks From Space Picture of the Day - March 9, 2007

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I doubt you could go wrong with Esquel except the price is really high.
Imilac slices are also

I won't touch Brahin any more as I have had too many bad experiences. I
have heard of bad things about Brenham as well but the new finds from Steve
Arnold may be different.

What I have heard is that Seymchan is stable. There is a variety of slices
on the market some look good and others look poorer in quality. I just
picked up a slice on eBay from "Ataxite" (not sure if this person is a list
member) and I am thrilled. Low cost and more beautiful than I expected.
Fantastic finish with transparent olivine. Much of the olivine is a
beautiful yellow with some green. looks perfectly stable with no signs of
rust. All the metal is polished to a mirror finish. I don't know what it
will look like a year from now but I am confident it will remain beautiful.

For cost and reputation I believe Seymchan is the way to go. Just take your
time to find one of the higher quality pieces.


Mike Tettenborn
>From frigid Ontario Canada. Yesterday it was -26C

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Picture of the Day - March 9, 2007

> Hi
> Esquel...still probably the most beautiful of them all! Great picture.
> Whilst at the Tucson show and looking at various special pieces to trade
> for my collection I discussed pallasites with many dealers and visitors
> but nearly always got slightly conflicting views as to the stability of
> those available...and so still did not get that elusive 'star' to bring
> back to the UK. The damp climate here is not very good for meteorites
> as you are all aware...and I know to my cost that some meteorites will
> rust even when looked after (my Brahin is just a pile of rust and
> olivine now)...you learn as you go along.
> Some say they have found ways of treating the rusters so that they are
> stable...others say that they still rust. Lots of varying info on the
> list over the years too...is Esquel still the best?
> What seems to be the groing rate/g for the better pallasites (I know I
> could find out by scouring all the websites, but feeling lazy I thought
> someone in the know might have the info at hand)
> I am looking for a spectacular centrepiece, that will stand up to the
> British climate and will stand handling/being permanently on show.
> Any advice most welcome.
> Graham Ensor, Nr Barwell UK
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