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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 10:11:05 -0500
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Hi Bill,
I won't add to the points covered by Norbert.

When I first saw one of Al's sale, I thought it was fake.
I emailed 'flabster' via eBay and asked how he had
acquired the fragments. He simply replied, "easy, walking
along the streets with a magnet in a plastic container
and frequently removing the pieces, besides loads of
car pieces! Best wishes, Al".

Not knowing who he was or understanding that fragments
had surrounded the residence, I issue a warning to other IMCA
members about the auction. Dave Harris who knew Al quickly
corrected my misconceptions. I have since been in contact
with the very kind, reputable Al Falster and I have no reason
to doubt his expertise.

Bill if you check the link you'll find detailed results of
samples tested. If you are not confident of an auction for any
reason, don't bid. However, if you know of fragments being
sold that are not genuine, you need contact the seller. If the
seller is an IMCA member and you cannot obtain satisfaction,
you can file a compliant via the web site. IMCA will contact you
and the member.

And you would probably get much higher bids if your PF fragments
were accompanied with written authentication by Paul Sipiera
or the like. Not a bad idea.

Ken Newton


Bill wrote:

>Most of us know about the N.O. excursion. Point is, how reliable can the authenticty of street crumbs be? Can the IMCA vouch for each and every crumb that's sold by a member of your org.? I have buckets of very nice crumbs from PF that I could market. Can I sell if I buy an imca number or do I need the crumbs authenticated. Any volunteers? My point being obvious, I hope.
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>>Hi Bruce,
>>After the fall on the Fausset home, Al Falster (ebay seller 'flabster'),
>>a geologist from the University of New Orleans and a group of students
>>collected impact fragments off the streets surrounding the residence.
>>Since then, Al and others have been selling the small 'street' fragments
>>on ebay.
>>http://www.uno.edu/pegmatology/pub/meteor/meteor.html (photos)
>>ken newton
>>Bruce Yankewitz wrote:
>>>Seems to me that virtually all of the New Orleans meteorite to reach
>>>the collector market has been in almost indentical, crumb-sized
>>>pieces. Anyone know why this is so?
>>>Find a local pizza place, movie theater, and more....then map the best
>>>route! http://maps.live.com/?icid=hmtag1&FORM=MGAC01
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