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> A ball of light, seething white, had
> careered [sic, probably careened]
> overhead, spitting out dazzling debris...

    "Spitting out dazzling debris" over
many miles suggests that it was a very
weak object and probably ablated away
    The absense of any reports of "booms"
or "explosions" suggests it never made it
down to subsonic speeds.

Sterling K. Webb
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'Falling star' frightens Earthlings
Christian Cotroneo
Toronto Star
March 12, 2007

Cynthia Crowther had just lit a cigarette outside her Newmarket home
when the sky suddenly caught fire.

"Oh my God, I think I just saw a plane crash," she declared to her
husband, running inside.

A ball of light, seething white, had careered overhead, spitting out
dazzling debris....


"...Unless somebody saw it hit," Delaney says. "The chances of us
finding it are really slim, unfortunately."


Sighting triggers calls
mlive.com (Michigan)
March 12, 2007

WEST MICHIGAN -- A meteor streaking across the night sky on Sunday
prompted numerous calls to police dispatchers in several counties.
"It was probably really bright, if it drew that much attention," said
Dave DeBruyn, director of Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium in Grand Rapids.
He said a meteor is the best explanation for the fiery streak many
people reported at 8 p.m. Meteor-sightings happen occasionally, he said,
and involve a rock typically rich in iron and nickel that disintegrates
in the atmosphere as it falls. "It's kind of like a giant sparkler," he

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