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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 17:27:02 -0700
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Hi Marcin,
        Fabulous post! (The photo links are what make it one of the
best posts one could hope for on the list). Beautiful, inspiring
and educational. Hard to beat, indeed.
        Best wishes, Michael

on 3/14/07 11:33 AM, PolandMET at marcin at polandmet.com wrote:

> Hi
> Tooday I finished my "little display stand" for my new private meteorite
> collection, so I want to show You my idea.
> First, I must explain that I have stop collecting small specimens some time
> ago. I have from old days around 70 meteorite specimens from a miligrams to
> 10-20g hiddend into small boxes 58x38x17mm and stored in palets in chet in
> my room. This specimens have for me historical value becouse several of this
> pieces are my first meteorite specimens. But in fact this kind of
> "collection" is a vaste of material, money and place, becouse this specimens
> are too small to display for example on wall or to show to normall peoples.
> Noone will take this kind of collecting seroiously if I will show him for
> example very rare and importand Orguel 3mm wide or other specimens in size
> from 5mm to 2cm wide. Ofcourse everyone collecting what he like. I decided
> that this small pieces make only my collection larger on my specimens
> inventory list, but not show any educational value to me or to anyone who
> invite me. Thats why I will sell most of them.
> I decided to collect less specimens but in size that will fit to my larger
> acrylic boxes 84x59x24 mm. This gives me chance to own good size specimens
> that I can display in my room in secured boxes. Yes, display, but how ???
> And here comes my idea that I have planned and realized from around 3
> months. Project changed several times, sometimes becouse of a costs of some
> parts, and sometimes becouse I cant find elements that I needed. I usually
> doing things without any detailed plan. So usually final project is much
> different from first one.
> Project:
> This is 100x100cm big wall stand for 150 meteorite boxes.
> Main element is 1mm thin aluminum plate with perforation Rv5-8 that help to
> put all elements together precise in place and make project visualy more
> hi-tech. It is mounted on a 4mm white ply-wood plate and conected with
> aluminium plate using aluminium "U" type profile. Most importand part of my
> project is 150x 20mm wide neodynum magnets that holds on place meteorite
> boxes. Boxes with meteorites have small 1mm thin iron plate on bottom side,
> under layers of sponge. This is good becouse boxes can be takeed from my
> stand very easy, but they still sit on place using force beetween magnets
> and iron plate.
> This stand, when will be full, then will corelate with my mega poster of
> Sahara meteorites composed from reference cards from Sahara Meteorite
> Prospecting CD-Rom. From left will be photos and classifications of many
> Sahara finds, and from right my collection of real specimens that anyone can
> watch and touch.
> Comments welcome :)
> Marcin Cimala
> Photos:
> Just history, my old stand, too small, too simply, too ugly
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0076.JPG
> Most importand part of my room, just after my computer place :)
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0077.JPG
> My new stand
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0078.JPG
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0083.JPG
> Close-up
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0087.JPG
> http://www.meteoryt.net/ebay/IMG_0091.JPG
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