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Hi Mike and List,

I can't speak to the pairing possibilities between the Fredericksburg
iron and the Richland iron, but I'm reasonably confident that the
Dutch Flat iron is not a repatriated Sikhote. While Dutch Flat is
a "kissing cousin" to Sikhote-Alin for many (but not all) trace
elements that were analyzed, it is also quite similar to the
Ainsworth iron. Morphologically, Dutch Flat is noticeably
dissimilar to Sikhote-Alin, so I'm inclined to believe it is
not transported. Terrestrial age dating would resolve the issue
(since Dutch Flat -- if unpaired -- would almost certainly be
far older than 60 years), so if any researcher is interested
in carrying out such a test, I would be willing to provide a
sample from the small remaining mass I have. --Rob

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Hi Michael
According to this article;
Formation of IIAB Irons By Wasson, J. T., Huber, Heinz & Malvin,
Daniel J. from GCA 71 (2007) 760-781
They state in appendix B that : "The 47-kg Fredericksburg (Texas) iron
was first reported to us by a person living in Alaska, who stated that
it had been inherited from a deceased relative who lived near
Fredericksburg. Our analysis of the sample shows that, within error,
its composition is the same as that of Richland (Texas) iron. Both
irons appear to be strongly weathered. However, these two Texas
locations are 297 km apart, farther apart than plausible for a strewn
field. Our best guess is that human transport has been involved, and
that they are fragments from the same fall. Fredericksburg is not an
approved name; we suggest that this mass be referred to as Richland
(Fredericksburg) unless future studies imply that it resulted from a
distinct fall."

They also have paired up several other irons but most well know is
Dutch Flat. They recommend treating it as paired with Sikhote-Alin.

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