[meteorite-list] Fusion crusts on stony meteorites

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Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 23:46:40 -0400
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I think I'm the only girl on the site. I am facinated by you guys, and the knowledge I'm gaining from just reading these posts is awesome. I want to be the top meteorite hunter in Michigan. With you boys on my side, I think I can be. I am well educated in geology, and anthropology, but meteorites is a new and fun thing for me. I'm a hunter at heart. I'm a metal detecting "geek", well, even though I'm a blonde cute girl. It's totally facinating. Thanks you guys for all your info, it's like taking a college course in the subject.
Susa> From: marcin at polandmet.com> To: Meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 03:34:57 +0100> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Fusion crusts on stony meteorites> > > I thought you and the list members might find interesting a phenomenon> > that was shown to me by Marcin Cimala. In cutting an LL5 he found areas> > where thick crust had built up and actually incorporated within the crust> > small angular fragments of relatively unaltered meteorite. Here are scans> > of a slice I obtained from Marcin:> >> > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v614/CaneySprings/NWA2826LL528gmMarcinCimala.jpg> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v614/CaneySprings/NWA2826LL528gmMarcinCimalacloseup.jpgI see that I have missed topic about my meteorite.Mike, Darren, You are not right.This part is the back side of oriented stone.When uncut, it looks strange,it was very unequal. Much different than the other side, full ofregmaglyptes. This crusted part is here, on third photo on the left. This ispart that I have cut
before Tucson.http://www.polandmet.com/gfx_nwa2826/000.htmCrust here is thick becouse of orientation. But I have no idea how thissmallfragments can jump into liquid crust in the air and they have still sharpedges, not burned. That a very cool one.sorry, last email was messed up some how.-----[ MARCIN CIMALA ]-----[ I.M.C.A.#3667 ]-----http://www.Meteoryt.net marcin at meteoryt.nethttp://www.PolandMET.com marcin at polandmet.comhttp://www.Gao-Guenie.com GSM +48(607)535 195--------[ Member of Polish Meteoritical Society ]--------> ______________________________________________> Meteorite-list mailing list> Meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> http://six.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/meteorite-list
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