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   When you talk about or describe a meteorite, like you always do. Could you post a photo so we know what you are talking about? I always read your posts, but never know what the meteorite you are talking about looks like. I am always left wondering what piece(s) you are talking about. if anything post the piece on your site and give us a link. Happy Hunting!!
Joe Kerchner

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I decided last night to give my nwa 1685,(THE BLACK
NWA),a real close look,like never before.I found near
where the shiny black crust meets the break point on
one end,thier is a round chondrule about 8 mm sticking
out that is coverd all over by the black crust.It is
like a black mole just sticking out.How did this
perticular nwa get all this shiny black crust,while
many others did not?Of all the nwa's dean has gotten
from his nomad friends, I am intrigued the most by
this.I also like the way bernd said,he has a copy of
who has most of these in thier collections.I would not
mind getting another piece for my collection.I know
that there is over 4500 different nwa's,but to me when
dean came upon these,they where the most unique,ever
of all the nwa's.If you do not have one in your
collection,try and find a way to get one.

steve arnold,chicago,usa!!

Steve R.Arnold,chicago,Ill,Usa!!
  Collecting Meteorites since 06/19/1999!!
  Ebay I.D. Illinoismeteorites

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