[meteorite-list] Disappointing meteorite purchases

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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:36:41 -0700
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Alex, Jan and List,

The flow from Germany to me here on the US west coast has been good. Today
I got a package from Carsten Gie?ler five days after he mailed it and a
couple weeks ago it was also five days for a package from Knut Metzler.
Life is good.

- John

John Kashuba
Ontario, California

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> Funny part is that since we are close neighbours to Germany we (I) never
> had any troubles in receiving mail from the U.S. It just takes about a
> week or so to arive.

It?s not the geographical neighbourhood from Germany to the Netherlands here
in ?ol Europe, where everything seems to be so closely together from a U.S.
perspective from the other side of the pond, Jan, in fact it?s just our very
own customs and bureaucracy! Though there seems to be no general rule to it.
I had recent global priority mail coming in here right on time, but then
again every now and then I experience week-long delays, while you are
waiting and waiting and waiting... and never ever hear a word from your
customs, where the specimen of your desire have most likely been set on
temporary arrest. No fun - neither for the seller nor for the customer, but
once you know these things can happen you should be aware of the situation,
and should not be too frustrated early on with ideas of specimen-loss, on
both sides of the line. They will (hopefully, and mostly do) finally arrive!

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