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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:21:46 -0700 (PDT)
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  I just talked to Dave earlier today before I saw
this thread.? It may explain some of the stress I
could sense in his voice when we spoke. Not only is
he supposed to be retired, he currently has way too
much work to handle.? He is starting to feel a little
stressed and frustrated and is worried that he can't
keep his craftmanship up to?the?standard of quality he
expects.? He has had lots of people calling and trying
to get him to set dates and meet deadlines etc.? He
does not work this way.?He takes his time and does the
job right.? The very few special people he does?do
some occasional post-retirement work for all
understand this and often wait a year or more to get
some of their material finished.? Even though his work
is the best, his lab is not the place for just anyone
and everyone to start sending material off to.? Those
of you who know and work with Dave?are already well
aware of this.?For those that do not, I hope that you
can respect this delicate situation and only send him
material via a personal referral from someone that
does work with him if you must, but don't expect it to
be easy to find someone willing to do so. He already
has more work than he wants to deal with and if he
gets inundated with new clients, especially demading
ones, I fear he will completely retire. Those of you
that are close to Dave like I am all know what that
would mean.? It would not be good for the meteorite
collectors of the world.? An extremely valuable assett
to the meteorite community will be gone forever.

These are the facts, plain and simple. Not just my

Jeff Hodges

Alexander Seidel <gsac at gmx.net> wrote:
  Ouch, Bernd, this name dropping should better have
been kept a little bit more under the cover! Sorry,
but this is my opinion for many a good reason which
the other persons named, who know that specific slide
maker, may second...

Then again you are right, of course.


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> Paul inquired:
> Can anyone recommend, off list if desired, one or
more petrographic
> thin section lab(s), who make quality standard
petrographic thin sections?
> Hi Paul and List,
> If *quality* is the key word, there is only one thin
section maker:
> David Mann from New Mexico!
> He is the one who used to make David New's thin
sections and thin section
> collectors like Alex Seidel, Mark Bostick, John
Kashuba, and others know
> that these TS are beyond compare!
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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