[meteorite-list] Hello Munich NWA surprises

From: Abdelaziz Alhyane <abdelaziz_alhyane_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 15:53:29 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <217456.49430.qm_at_web45405.mail.sp1.yahoo.com>

Dear List Members,
First, let me thank you all those who shared the
exciting pics from the show with us, there is no doubt
those who were there have enjoyed their time, getting
new items, and new iformations, without forgetting the
party, everybody had to have fun. I wish one day, I
can get there and play guitar at the party, some songs
of the Pink floyd and Bob dylan, Eric Clapton..., and
the wonderful Germany group , The Scorpions.

Concerning the Mali meteorite and its
commercialization, My point of veiw is, we first need
to identify if the meteorite is a fall or find, if
it's a fall we have to know when it fell, and of
course get it classified ( Fortunately, Dr. Svend Buhl
is taking care of the classification).

About the price, I was wondering if you were talking
about the wholesale price or in detail, as we know, we
have Two kind of customers, the Dealer and the
Collector, please do not expect me to sell to both at
the same price, I respect the marketing and this will
never happen.

Mike, you've got the wholesale price (you claimed
"large countity" at $1 or $1.25),Mr Habibi was selling
to collectors, yes only collectors, because there is
no a dealer who's willing to pay the same price as the
collector paid, so both of you mike and Habibi are
wrong dicussing the price(Clarify which direction of
selling ), If i'm ready to sell directly to the
collectors, I would get my spicemens pictured from all
the sides with my scale cube and post an add to the
list, but unfortunately we all are waitting for more
info ( the history and the classification), I do not
like to sell a meteorite as a fall, and then it turnes
out to be a find because of no datas, I'm working
hardly and spending money trying to get enough info to
call this wonderfull meteorite a " FALL" I do not
beleive on saying, we need the proof, isn't it? I hope
the price will stabilze and more info will come.

A note breif, at any show, the most excitting news
come from what Moroccans brought to the show, I think
most of you after passing the show door, go directly
to the nearest moroccan's table, hopping to get a good
deal, so, without NWA material, I do not see any
surprises at any show except a new fall like Carancas
at the great Munich show that everybody wishes to be
there but, (Mike) each one has his circumstances, for
me, simply, I can not get the Visa yet, but will try
All in all, the show was great even from just the
photos, congratulations to our Germany friends.
My best
Aziz Alhyane

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