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Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 01:01:18 +0100
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Hi List
Tooday I want introduce another excelent material from NWA496x serie.

NWA 4963
Achondrite, Eucrite S2/W-low
Fresh eucrite with wonderfull brecciated interior. Very low TKW. As alvays,
only thin, polished full slices.

NWA 4964
Carbonaceous Chondrite CK3 S2/W-fresh
Something that noone should mised. This CK3 is without doubt best on the
market right now. It have several excelent features worth to look much
closer and study.

First, large, 1cm CAI inclusions with different shapes. Something that I not
expecting to find in CK chondrite.

Second, monster size black inclusion of different type of CK (very similar
shape to my slice of HaH280 CK4). This inclusion was visible from outside
and was patrialy hidden under fussion crust.

Third, something that I find tooday while making photos of my slices. There
are two CK3 zones in this meteorite. One is more rich in chondruls, and
another have less and smaller chondruls. Best example is on this slice where
large CAI was cut in half by border beetween two CK3 zones.

And all this features for really fair price.
Enjoy photos.

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