[meteorite-list] Bill - LIST ADMIN PLEASE READ

From: Notkin <geoking_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 10:26:42 -0700
Message-ID: <cddd4b87e08a7e36d57f137355cb8be9_at_notkin.net>

Dear Listees and List Admin:

I have been a member of this forum for well over ten years. I follow
the List guidelines and try to contribute positive information to the
community. Like many of you, I post occasional ads for my meteorite
website or eBay sales. Apologies for forgetting to include "AD" in the
header of one email, one time. Big deal.

As best I can remember, Bill has contributed nothing of note to our
community except for sarcastic one-liners and REPEATED criticism of,
and attacks upon, other List members. Why is this kind of behavior
allowed in our friendly community?

I take issue with Bill's comment that I am "almost as special as both
Steves" as it implies that there is something wrong with the Steve
Arnolds, both of whom are friends of mine.

Further, a sweet young lady who is only in her twenties, is very
popular in our community, and is in hospital undergoing
life-threatening heart surgery, has been accused in front of her
friends of being "a notorious swindler with a myriad of ebay shills."
How will a public post like that impact a sensitive young person while
she is trying to recover from major surgery? How vile must a person be
to write something like that at a time like this?

LIST ADMIN PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We have rules in place regarding behavior
in our community. Bill contributes absolutely nothing useful to this
forum, and has gone too far this time. Please remove this do-nothing
troublemaker permanently from this List.

Anyone who feels the same way, please forward your comments to the List
Admin, or write to me off-List, and I will supply you with his email

Geoff N.
Received on Mon 12 Nov 2007 12:26:42 PM PST

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