[meteorite-list] [OT] Heidelbergensis-Zhamanshin dates

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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 13:29:41 -0600
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Darren wrote:
"...when you are writing in a plain text format, you are supposed to
underline it, so..."

*Crikey!* Michael & Darren,

As a certain kind list member always reminds me, never be rattled when such
a simple keyboard option for OT'S is available.
My delete finger was ready, willing, and able, but not the fearful
___UNDERLINE___ ...Noooooo.......... that will do it !!!

Your center underline, with text breaks, using trinomial nomenclature, makes
things hairier than necessary,
not a good idea when discussing the Greek spider-mite, please use
_Bryobia meteoritica _ for BRYOBIA METEORITICA
instead of _Bryobia_meteoritica _

Alternately, any cutworms victimized on the met-list by the wasp,
may use all capital letters instead of _Meteorus communis_

All-caps work as good as _underlines_, plus you be binomenclaturally
challenged and still possibly rattle other Hymenopterans,
like the Confused Gender-eyed Afro-tropical Wasp,
BLOODIELLA GYNANDROPHTHALMAE (_Bloodiella gynandrophthalmae_)

or that pain-in-the-butt spider, the Florida Cobweb Weaver,
TIDARREN HAEMORRHOIDALE (_Tidarren haemorrhoidale _)

Best wishes!!!
Nothing Below the Asteroid belt, please!!!
Delete! Delete! Delete!

Probably the best way to deal with this is just put it all in caps. Then
you could be both ignorant about the rules, but still right. Another
possibility is to invert the capitilazation like"

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> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 00:42:21 -0800, you wrote:
>>Is appropriate to the meteorite list. HOWEVER, for those
>>That insist, PLEASE at least post it as Homo heidelbergensis
>>NOT "Homo Heidelbergensis" with a capitalized H in the
>>Second term. ALL species are binomial with the first name
>>Being the same as the genus to which the species belongs, and
>>Capitalized with the second term NOT capitalized.
> Also, since the species name is supposed to be written in itallics, when
> you are
> writing in a plain text format, you are supposed to underline it, so
> _Homo_heidelbergensis_ is even more correct for ASCII. It is what I've
> used in
> the past when I haven't been being lazy about it. Glass house, dude. :-)
> (I googled to make sure that is still the convention:)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binomial_nomenclature
> "Species names are usually typeset in italics; for example, Homo sapiens.
> Generally the binomial should be printed in a type-face (font) different
> from
> that used in the normal text; for example, "Several more Homo sapiens were
> discovered" . When handwritten, they may be underlined; for example, Homo
> sapiens. "
>>Particularly poor grammar, these errors in basic taxonomic
>>Terminology grate on the nerves terribly.
>> Best wishes, Michael
> Now you know how coin collectors feel about meteorite "coins". :-)
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