[meteorite-list] Heidelbergensis-Zhamanshin dates

From: Andreas Gren <info_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 11:29:17 +0100
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Hi E.P.

After my last mail you started 4 mails mentioning my name.

you wrote:
Generally, Andi, I have found that the more
intelligent people are, the better they like my book.

you wrote also:
Now moving over to other wastes of band space, perhaps Andi's comments are
motivated by something else, and my guess its my scepticism of "global

and you wrote:
There is something else that's eating andi, and I wish to hell he'd say it,
and save me the typing.

That's funny, who is the one who's eaten by something?
Draw your own conclusion.

Sterling wrote:
if even a tenth of his suggested indications of impact were to prove out
under future analysis, it would be a major contribution.

So, E.P. this is what I wanted to hear from you. Instead you are arguing
with time stretch and soften terms. After that not worked you are biting
like a dog with the back at the wall.

I have said what I want, you have also , for me the discussion is in a dead

I wanted to read a book over scientific arguments, not science fiction this
is the reason why I still don't like your book, how stupid you call me for
this , is in your hands and just shows how you argue

For the lovers of science fiction I recommend Douglas Adams.


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Hi Andy -

> Every field of science is under permanent
> discussion, but it also exist a point of agreement >
what is actual.

If that were so for the fields of physical
anthropology and archaeology, it would have been much
easier to write my book.

> Yes, they didn't fall from sky, but its obviously
> you try to stretch the time how you need it.

For the last hundred years both Russia and China have
been in chaos, and thus the data recovered from those
areas has been limited.

> And I'm not interesting to spread your ideas about
> everywhere, anytime an impact, which are built on so
> thin ice like your Homo heidelbergensis split in >
two theory.

Generally, Andi, I have found that the more
intelligent people are, the better they like my book.

Draw your own conclusion.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

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