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Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 11:39:46 +0100
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everybody her to not use chronopost, I know
> peoples who lost packages( Jim Brady.....) with this
> crapy company. this has happened to me, and I should
> tell everybody here to be careful and try to use a
> reliable company.
> My best
> Aziz

Dear Aziz
I use Chronopost many times and have no problem with this service. You just
have bad luck that someone change Your material into brick and send it to
destination. Shit happends. This can happend in DHL or FedEX too. Why not.
I even use chronopost for receive Gao from Burkina Faso that is much more
far from Poland than Moroco. Ofcourse that even if someone open parcel, Gao
looks like piece of crap not worth a peny, but this happend usually also
with meteorites from Morocco. Our stones sometimes looks not beautifull and
normal person have no interest to change them with ordinary stones.
I feel Your flustration but You have just bad luck.

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