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Hi, Doug, List

> fled... to the Moon with her rabbit that
> now manufactures herbal remedies...

    I get frequent Spam touting that herbal remedy,
but I did not realize that I was getting Lunar Spam.

    "The area shown in the image is located within
a region of 54-to-70 degrees south latitude and
57-to-83 degrees east longitude. The size of area
is about 285 miles (460 kilometers) in length and
175 miles (280 kilometers) in width."

    This is so far around the southeast limb that
my attempts to identify the craters is defeated by
the perspective of pictures taken from Earth (where
the view is edge-on to their rims) and Chang'e's
vertical view. Hanno and Pont?coulant and a bunch
of the minor Boussingault craters should be in that
vicinity somewhere.

Sterling K. Webb
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Here's the first public photo from China's first Moon orbiter launched last


Not bad for the Chang'e ship (apparently pronounced "Ch-ong-er" after the
snooping woman in her husband's personal items, who feared being caught, ate
the evidence (her husband's vitamin herb) and fled in to the Moon with her
rabbit that now manufacture herbal remedies).

By the time we see manned voyages back to the Moon, a thriving business in
Chinese restaurants will be serving travelers take-out.

The Chinese do have a sense of humor. Curiously, Apollo 11 (Armstrong,
Collins, Aldrin, 1969) and Houston joked about this Chinese legend upon
arriving by the Moon in what was to become the first Moonwalk, and now China
has contending for the last laugh,

Mission Control: "...Chinese girl called Chang-o has been living there for
4000 years. It seems she was banished to the moon because she stole the pill
for immortality from her husband. You might also look for her companion, a
large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he is only standing on his
hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree. The name of the rabbit is not

Michael Collins: "OK we'll keep a close eye for the bunny-girl."

Best Wishes,

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