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Dear Greg, Matteo and all,

Whatever other scientists have found, Albert Jambon has made the classification as an AUBRITE. He took over a year to work on this
meteorite and he is the ONLY SCIENTIST who went to the site to study even the age of the ground where the meteorites have been found
in order to find out an estimation of its terrestrial age, proving that it is NOT any kind of fossil (paleo) meteorite.
I know that the NWAs to which Al Haggounia is paired to have been classified differntly, but nevertheless Albert
Jambon'sclassification has been approved by the nomenclature as an aubrite.

I agree with Jeff Grossman that it is difficult so far and without complete publications about this meteorite, to determine who is
right and who is wrong. But once again I feel that the time and precautions taken by Albert Jambon plus the fact that he has been to
the strewnfield make his work consistant and very serious.

Lets wait for future publications, but in the meantime I have no other option than calling my Al Haggounia slices Aubrites, have I?

All the best,


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> Dear Frederic, Matteo and List Members,
> "Al Haggounia 001"(NWA 4420), NWA 2828 and the other Fossil EL3's are NOT, I
> repeat, NOT aubrites. I wish they were, I have many, many kilos of NWA 2828.
> At first when just the type sample was tested, it came back as an aubrite,
> no chondrules were found. After cutting more of the NWA 2828 material I had,
> I began to find these funny round things and I thought, "Oh no, these are
> chondrules, this can not be an aubrite". I then sent more sample material in
> to have tested and sure enough, they WERE chondrules. Unfortunately I had
> not cut the material for sale until the classification and abstract were
> approved. After the chondrules were found and confirmed by several US
> scientists, a revised classification and abstract were submitted. The
> abstract was approved, see here:
> http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2006AGUFM.P51E1247K but the NWA 2828
> classification was not changed by the Meteoritical Society in the bulletin
> (not sure why this is, any one out there who can address this?).
> The classifying scientist who studied NWA 4420 "Al Haggounia", Dr. Jambon,
> refused scientific data supporting the EL3 classification from the US
> scientists and classified the sample he had as an aubrite. This material IS
> THE SAME AS NWA 2828, the now infamous EL3 Fossil (Paleo) meteorite! I do
> not know if "Al Haggnounia" is trying to be wished into being an aubrite,
> but IT IS NOT!!! Those who have sent Dr. Jambon sample material need to send
> him and other scientists more samples that show the true makeup of this
> meteorite. In other words, send samples with those funny round things so the
> classification can be made correctly. When new data and evidence is
> presented, it is up to the dealers AND the scientists to do the right thing.
> To error is OK as long as a correction is made as in the case of NWA 2828,
> hence the title of the revised abstract, "EL3 Chondrite (not Aubrite)
> Northwest Africa 2828: An Unusual Paleo-meteorite Occurring as Cobbles in a
> Terrestrial Conglomerate". See here:
> http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2006AGUFM.P51E1247K
> I wish NWA 2828 was an aubrite, but an EL3 Fossil meteorite is pretty cool
> too. Anyone want an excellent deal on some nice and clean NWA 2828 stones?
> Respectfully,
> Greg
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> > Dear Listees,
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> > Sorry, the links where cut in my previous post.
> > So please just find them (I hope this time uncut) hereunder:
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> > 1/ Al Haggounia 001 / Meteoritical Society:
> > http://tin.er.usgs.gov/meteor/metbull.php?sfor=names&categ=Aubrites&mblist=92
> >
> > 2/ Al Haggounia 001 for sale on Meteoriteshow web site:
> > http://meteoriteshow.free.fr/meteoriteshow%20fra/pages%20navigation/pieces_en_vente-fra.htm#NWA4420
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