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Interestingly enough, there was an article in the paper about
two years ago in which the light particle/ wave was slowed
down to about 30 miles per hour so they could look at it.
I think they called it "light molasses". When it left the "container",
it was instantly back to the speed of light.
The next question logically is, what will it do for a FTL
particle/ wave front?
That would be an intriguing experiment to observe.

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> I remember reading several years ago that MIT researchers
>Had discovered sub-atomic particles that "appeared to move faster
>Than the speed of light" and when they encouraged other researchers
>Around the globe to repeat their tests those researchers also discovered
>Sub-atomic particles that "appeared to move faster than the speed of

Check out section 4 here:


But also interesting:


Also mentioned here:


And, for good mesure:

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