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From: JKGwilliam <h3chondrite_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 08:22:22 -0700
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Hello List,
I'd like to add just one more thing to Maria's list of auction items.
I personally added one more auction with four meteorite specimens
being sold together. Bilanga 4.7g part slice with crust and
inclusions; Homestead, Iowa, a fall from 1875; Monze 9.4g part end
piece. It also is a fall and the only meteorite from Zambia to boot.
And finally, a 55.5g slice of SaU001. Yeah, I know there's a ton of
this stuff, but this piece has a very nice iron sulfide inclusion.
One more thing. The proceeds of this auction will go to Maria to
cover the costs of Shipping and Handling of the items she must mail
out to the auction sinners. In her haste to get the auction up and
running, she ( and I) forgot to specify who would pay the
shipping. After the items have all been shipped out, Maria will send
the rest of the funds on to the Foote family.

Take a look here. <http://www.meteoriteimpact.com/footeauction.htm>
then click on the link toward the bottom of the page for SandH Auction.


John Gwilliam

At 06:31 PM 7/28/2008, Maria Haas wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>Just a reminder that the Foote Recovery auctions end this Wednesday
>and Thursday. See them all at http://www.meteoriteimpact.com/footeauction.htm
>HH's SCIENCE magazine is from April 7, 1961, is footnoted on the
>cover in HH's handwriting and the original mailing label addressed
>to him is still attached. This is a $200 item and it's currently at
>only $50! You can see it at http://www.meteoriteimpact.com/sciencemagazine.htm
>Carancas Roof Smasher Package with pieces of the meteorite, impact
>material, an actual bent piece of roof(!), and a photo of the
>damaged structure. It's currently at only $30!
>Libyan Desert Glass with a hole is at just $50!
>Jerry Armstrong's Tagish Lake original oil on canvas painting--
>Oriented 869 with frothy bubbles--
>91.2 gram Vaca Muerta individual--
>Incredible 167.2 gram Bassikounou fragment--
>We had a new donation today (I just can't say 'No') of a Lafayette,
>Indiana Nakhlite micro which will be up on the website tonight.
>Thank you to everyone who have shown their support through donations
>and bidding. This means a lot to Gary & CJ. :)
>Please feel free to contact me with questions.
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