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Hi Alex, Listees,

Alex's gentlemanly statement made my day after wading through the
flurry of hardcore dealer-concerned messages that have been posted. As
a collector at heart, I agree 'wholeheartedly' with his thoughts.

Especially the one: "Our meteorites don't care, why should we?"

Thanks again, Alex. I am glad I have been able to exclude value as a
criterion to make my space rocks more attractive to me. If I want to
get my daily fix on money, it is easier just to get a live feed on the
ticker of some stock markets and experience the rush on a blow by blow
basis, or just do Las Vegas.

For meteorites, I prefer just admiring the specimens that make me happy
and ignoring all the market hype and speculation that in my opinion
detracts from the healthy fundamentals of meteorite study, appreciation
and collection. After all we get from them, it seems a bit much to ask
for return. My meteorites are expenses, not investments ... and as
such are all written off at the moment of adquisition. There is no
where to go, when you start at zero investment, but up! In moderation
over a long period of time, rather than short intense addictions, seems
to me the way to go. Congratulations to those long time collectors
that continue to be role models worth drinking to in these hard times.

Thoughts from Mexico, with wishes for great health,

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Hello Dean,

thank you for your remarks on the market situation - these are always
as I have learned over all those years that, besides you being a
dealer, you are
also a very good observer! As well as some other insider friends of
mine are,
who did not yet raise their finger here.

> Of course that just my opinion. Lots of old time collectors have their
> head buried in the sand and believe that all this talk of drop in
> supply is just marketing by us meteorite dealers. Maybe they will
> be proven right instead of me (Personally I cant see it happening

I gladly admit I am one of those "oldtimers", but I have no problems
with this,
why should I? I have a nice collection at hands, as many of my old time
have, and no worries, other than may be this or that observation about
distributors of the rare stuff that come along, and pricing affairs:
just let?s
wait and see how things will evolve down the line, as time goes by - in
the long
run. No hurries!

Our meteorites don?t care, so why should we? This economical crisis is
BAD to
almost everyone (...me included, btw!), at least in the world of the
"privileged" persons, w
ho are lucky enough to have a job and an income
- the
other ones on the planet have much worse problems! Then why not look at
it from
a more leisurely global perspective of ever changing events in space
and time,
knowing we are given only one, our life...

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