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On the haunted day in meteorite history

Yanzhuang meteorite impact
on this day in 1990 in Guangdong, China around 9:45 Beijing time the Yanzhuang meteorite fall was witnessed after a sonic boom was heard. Three stones were recovered by farmers between houses of Yanzhuang village and from a forest path. The total weight discovered from this fall was 3.5 kg.
The meteorite was later classified as an H6 chondrite.

another treat that was witnessed this day in meteorite history...

Djoumine meteorite impact
Around 18:45 to 19:00 local time, a bright fireball was seen traveling from the southwest to the northeast, accompanied by multiple detonations, two meteorites were recovered by children near the village of Djoumine in 1999.
At least five other pieces were recovered at a later time within a 4 km long strewn field, with the total mass being around 10 kg.
this fall was later classified as an H5-6 chondrite.

Happy Halloween to all and safe travels!

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