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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 15:05:23 +0200
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Hi Darryl,

I have to agree,
and that not only because I have still some for sale.
The new irons are great, in many respects.

Yesterday Svend Buhl published on his page an expertly prepared - by Mark
Jost - cut surface of the new iron.

Now look at that!

Isn't that a fantastic silicated iron?
To me it is as beautiful as Zagora, isn't it?

I guess, now the case can be closed, that it could be Ziz.

The scarcity of desert irons is more than evident.
We arrived at NWA-number 5000, but the Bulletin-Database has only 9 (nine)
Oman 2500 finds, one single iron among them.

That is also reason, why desert irons, with the exception of small Tazas
(larger Taza seems to be paid higher, because they are more difficult to
were rel. highly paid, more expensive as the mass locales.

But, aside the appealing interior, the main thing, which makes these new
irons so attractive, are the regmaglypts and the sculpturing.

The possibilities for a collector, to get in complete specimens, displaying
such detailed and well preserved regmaglypts at an affordable price or even
at all, are somewhat limited.

- First and foremost, of course: Sikhote-Alin.

- Taza

- Ziz (but meanwhile very difficult to find)

- Glorieta Mountain

and more don't come to my mind.

So seen on the one hand, the rarity of desert irons
and the quality of the new irons,
I would say, it is really an exciting recovery.

(and if I keep the price developments of desert irons in past and the price
ranges of the few fine regmaglypted alternatives in mind, I would say at
such a price, no matter, whether there will surface more or not,
rather a "yes please!", than a "no thanks!).



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I respectfully disagree with Mike's comment below.

It would seem to me that the scarcity of desert irons (e.g., the
miniscule total known weight as well as with the paucity of different
events) necessarily results in desert irons being one of the better
bargains of the day. Given the extremely modest supply, I'm
confident in years hence we will wistfully recall we could have
purchased among the last large desert irons for $2-3/g.

Frankly, I'm still smarting over the fact that twenty years ago I
could have purchased even more Gibeons at $18/kg.

Yes, I'm a buyer of desert irons and I will buy more.

All best,

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