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Hi Doug,

Yes, I think that was Matt Morgan's big Johnstown in one of the showcases.

Speaking of which... We now have photos posted on the COMETS website!
Photos were taken by Ron Pearson and are of the Friday night auction,
Saturday night dinner and the COMETS two showcases at the main Denver Show.
You can see the photos at:


Click on the thumbnail images to see larger photos.


Bob Loeffler
Colorado Meteorite Society

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Hi Steve and friends from Denver.

Steve, your really got to come next year. The local Denver meteorite
listmembers and Crado meteorite club hosts organized a super Mexican
buffet dinner last night, and it was laid back and enjoyable (hopefully
I can go go to a meteorite even one of these days that is not Mexican
food since . A nice complement to Tucson. In the main fossil center
there was a superb exhibit of, I'm betting of around 50% of all
Colorado meteorites. Museum specimens just about every one of them. I
think it fit in very well with the theme of the show casing of Colorado
minerals and even a hands on gold panning display that was a real
family event. Several dealers were here, and I enjoyed chatting with a
very educational and professional set up that Fred Hall and his
children had..

Otherwise, the deals weren't anything to write home about as Mike
alrady mentioned. On second thought, there were deals if you looked
hard enough. Hans was dealing with a couple of new items and Blaine
had a bunch of new items, for example. The auction was nice, I wanted
to bid on Claxton, but I couldn't find my card on time, so someone got
a deal.

I had the pleasure of meeting Art Ehlmann who kindly placed a few TCU
specimens in the auction, and had some very interesting stories to
relate regarding Nininger - Monnig correspondence and the like from
years backs. Larr Sloan and Larry Johnson, too. Anne Black and the
Jensens were both very enthusiastic as always and pleasant. Sorry I
missede Matt Morgan. (I wonder if it was his piece of Johnstown in the
Colorado meteorite exhibit Must have been a 100 gram half stone or so
with the most beautiful, fresh matrix of the show for me.

There are many people in Denver that are not hard core meteorite folk
that sort of get pulled into it. There just isn't that tense
deal-or-die attitude I sometimes see in Tucson. Overall a great small,
short, and sweet show set in the foot of snow capped mountains. Thanks
to all who made this possible. I just hope the dealers broke even as
the traffic seemed light to me, but hey, it was my first tiime visiting
this enjoyable show.

Comet Shop had some great deals, otherwise Sikhote-Alins just keep
drifting upwards in prices for all types and flight marked pieces were
rare which uite frankly is scary. Or maybe the early birds got the
worms; I came just for the weekend...

Hope that helps...

Best wuishes,
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