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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 13:12:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi everyone,
I have received confirmation that the Zaragoza meteorite was re-submitted to the NOMCON for approval. This meteorite has been under study for nearly two years. It was kicked back last year because of above normal Ge numbers, but they have now been confirmed as correct.

I expect this will likely be the final word on the Zaragoza iron meteorite.

To celebrate, I have many partslices and a large complete slice weighing 3,352 grams for sale. If you are interested in this museum-quality slice, email me off-list.
The mass have been completely cut up, and there are only about 4 other slices which will be available at a much later date, as all that remains is a thick slice which will be divided into 4 complete slices. I don't expect that for many more months.

Zaragoza Location ~ 41? 39? N 0? 52? E
Zaragoza, Spain
Find: 1950?s
Iron Meteorite (IVA-Anomalous, Fine Octahedrite (Of))
History: The meteorite was purchased by Michael Farmer and Jim Strope in Paris, France from the widow of a
mineral collector who purchased the meteorite in the 1950?s in Zaragoza, Spain.
Physical characteristics: The meteorite was an individual with a total mass of 162 kilograms. The surface of the
meteorite is regmaglypted, weathered, and reddish-brown.
Petrography: (D. Schrader, UAz) The meteorite is predominately Fe,Ni metal, with minor chromite and an
unidentified Fe-Cr sulfide. The chromites are present as subhedral grains surrounded by Fe,Ni metal. The Fe-Cr sulfide
is present as an elongated inclusion interspersed with Fe,Ni metal and cross-cut by Fe,Ni metal veins. One slice
contains a small reddish inclusion, but not the type sample. The kamacite bandwidth is on the order of 0.2 to 0.3 mm.
Mineral compositions and geochemistry: (D. Schrader, K. Domanik, and D. Hill, UAz) Kamacite (Ni = 7.02?0.93,
Co = 0.34?0.04 [averages, all wt%]); high Ni Fe,Ni metal (Ni = 18.66, Co = .23 [all wt%]). A metal-sulfide inclusion
contains: kamacite (Ni = 6.44?3.65, Co = 0.30?0.06, Cr = 0.16?0.12 [averages, all wt%]); an iron-chromium sulfide
(Fe = 54.01?1.56, Cr = 7.58?1.45, S = 37.31?0.55, [averages, all wt%]). Bulk Composition: (D. Schrader, J. Goreva,
and D. Lauretta, UAz; ICP-MS) Fe = 91.36, Ni = 7.20, Co = 0.41, S = 0.01, P = 0.03 [all wt%]; Cr = 167.3, Ge = 2.5,
Ga = 2.1, Ir = 2.8, Cu = 129.5, Pt = 5.4, As = 2.6 [all ppm]; Se = 656, Mo = 6085, Os = 1789, Ru = 4468, Pd = 2990,
Rh = 955, V = 251, Sb = 25, Re = 413, Mn = 493, Ag = 2353, Zn = 469 [all ppb]. The Ge content is anomalously high
for IVAs.
Classification: Iron Meteorite (IVA-Anomalous, Fine Octahedrite (Of))
Type specimens: A total of 160.75 g of sample are on deposit at UAz. M. Farmer holds the main mass.
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