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From: Paul Harris <paul_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 10:44:06 -0700
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Hi Michael,

You can also look on our page below. Scroll down about a third of the
page to the red text about dealers ebay listings and click the "Click To
Start" link.
You'll get a list in real time of which dealers have ebay auctions
running. Click their name and you can see a quick view of their auctions
in the next window.


Paul Harris

Michael Gilmer wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> This is a just friendly piece of feedback and advice for the dealers on the list.
> Numerous times in the last few months I have gotten the Met Email digest, and in the digest is a note
> from a dealer announcing his/her eBay auctions are "closing soon" and come see them, etc, etc.
> When I click on the link, with the intention of bidding and buying, the auctions are all closed already.
> So I have a question for the group, and then a piece of feedback.
> Question : Does the Met Email Digest arrive much later than the individual emails? I am setup to
> receive the digest form of the list, so I get all of the individual emails at the same time. I am wondering
> if I setup my account to receive individual emails, will I get them sooner? I feel like I am missing out on
> opportunities here. But, I use my main email address for this list, and I don't want my inbox overrun
> with dozens of emails every day. And I am reluctant to set up a second account just for this list, because
> it's a PITA frankly to maintain more than one email account. Should I bite the bullet and setup a second
> account just for this list and to receive individual emails?
> Feedback : I would kindly suggest that dealers who run infrequent batches of auctions should send their
> email announcements well in advance of the closing time. A first email to announce to the auctions when
> they are first opened and then a second email a day in advance of closing to announce that the auctions
> will be closing soon. By sending out that second email hours before close, these dealers are missing out
> on potential business from those who receive the digest form of the Met list.
> Best regards and clear skies,
> MikeG
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