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From: Michael Gilmer <michael_w_gilmer_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 16:59:20 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi folks!

I didn't mean to start a debate or to make anyone feel uncomfortable. When I first signed up for the list,
I don't recall whether or not I was asked to receive singles or digests. I am also a member of a few Yahoo
groups and I get digests for those, so I assume I signed up for the digest here on the Met list as well.

But now that I go digging back about 12 months through my old saved emails, trying to locate my
Met List registration confirmation (which typically includes URL's to log in and change your preferences),
I can't find it. I went to the parent website of this list and didn't see any link or way to change it there.
So I am just wondering how I go about changing my preference from digest to individual emails, because I
would like to do so now. I've missed out on quite a few batches of auctions because I was asleep at the
wheel and didn't get the email until hours or a day later.

Paul H. kindly sent me this helpful link - http://www.meteorite.com/meteorites-for-sale.htm

And that is a great help which I had forgotten about, but not all of the occasional sellers are on there. There
are several list members who hold infrequent sales from time to time, and some of those are the ones where
I really feel I missed out.

BTW, if anyone on this list has a lot of tiny Tatahouine fragments they'd like to sell, in the neighborhood
of $30, please email me offlist at mike at galactic-stone.com

Best regards,


Michael Gilmer (Louisiana, USA)
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--- On Tue, 9/30/08, michael cottingham <mikewren at gilanet.com> wrote:

> From: michael cottingham <mikewren at gilanet.com>
> Subject: RE: [meteorite-list] Dealers posting eBay auction announcements
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> Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 12:48 PM
> Hello,
> I try and do just that, multiple postings. Life is busy and
> extremely filled
> up for most us, so I for one REALLY appreciate multiple
> postings and
> reminders. I don't resent it like some list members do
> and I personally want
> to know what is for sale and to be reminded that auctions
> are ending.
> Sometimes, emails get delayed or don't make it through
> at all, so multiple
> postings in my opinion are good. You know deleting an email
> is lot less work
> than sorting through the ebay meteorite section looking for
> something to add
> to one's collection. Some of us are very active buyers,
> sellers and
> collectors and I believe most of us appreciate the extra AD
> notices.
> I try and give a heads up auction for the week, and if I do
> a second one mid
> week, maybe I will have a sale or something interesting to
> note and finally
> one for the day the auctions are ending. I, as well as
> every other dealer
> out there, know for a fact that these announcements matter.
> There is no way I am going to put a $500.00 specimen out on
> ebay for 0.99
> cents, without multiple announcements for the week. I am
> not in the business
> to give meteorites away for nothing.
> I hope this helps some....
> Best Wishes
> Michael Cottingham
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Dealers posting eBay auction
> announcements
> Hi Folks!
> This is a just friendly piece of feedback and advice for
> the dealers on the
> list.
> Numerous times in the last few months I have gotten the Met
> Email digest,
> and in the digest is a note
> from a dealer announcing his/her eBay auctions are
> "closing soon" and come
> see them, etc, etc.
> When I click on the link, with the intention of bidding and
> buying, the
> auctions are all closed already.
> So I have a question for the group, and then a piece of
> feedback.
> Question : Does the Met Email Digest arrive much later than
> the individual
> emails? I am setup to
> receive the digest form of the list, so I get all of the
> individual emails
> at the same time. I am wondering
> if I setup my account to receive individual emails, will I
> get them sooner?
> I feel like I am missing out on
> opportunities here. But, I use my main email address for
> this list, and I
> don't want my inbox overrun
> with dozens of emails every day. And I am reluctant to set
> up a second
> account just for this list, because
> it's a PITA frankly to maintain more than one email
> account. Should I bite
> the bullet and setup a second
> account just for this list and to receive individual
> emails?
> Feedback : I would kindly suggest that dealers who run
> infrequent batches of
> auctions should send their
> email announcements well in advance of the closing time. A
> first email to
> announce to the auctions when
> they are first opened and then a second email a day in
> advance of closing to
> announce that the auctions
> will be closing soon. By sending out that second email
> hours before close,
> these dealers are missing out
> on potential business from those who receive the digest
> form of the Met
> list.
> Best regards and clear skies,
> MikeG
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> Member of the Bayou Region Stargazers Network.
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