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Hi Bernd:

I have not been able to find an "average" amount of Ni in humans (seems to
depend on a lot of things like what kind of oil you consume, how far from
Sudbury you live, etc.--micrograms per gram of body weight). But it is

>From Copperwiki:

"Nickel deficiency is rare in humans as nickel requirements are low and
availability high from dietary sources. A condition of nickel deficiency
has not been clearly defined in humans, though it has been demonstrated in
animals. Nickel deficiency in these cases has been shown to affect a
number of functions. The symptoms observed in animal studies include
depressed growth, reproductive changes and altered lipid and glucose
levels in the blood.

Other changes observed in a nickel deficient state include, changes in
skin color, coarse hair, hormone imbalance and abnormal bone growth. Liver
function is impaired and iron metabolism is affected, resulting in poor
absorption of iron. Metabolism of some other nutrients like calcium and
vitamin B12 is also altered due to nickel deficiency."

So, yes, you do have a nickel content!


> "a Ni content of 60%. That might be the record!"
> Hi Elton and List,
> Yes, it it! Here are the top ten sorted by decreasing nickel content:
> Oktibbeha County - 60.1
> Lafayette (iron) - 59.4
> Dermbach - 42.1
> Santa Catharina - 33.8
> Tishomingo - 32.5
> Twin City - 30
> Lime Creek - 29.5
> Willow Grove - 27.9
> Barbianello - 27.1
> San Cristobal - 25.7
> Bernd - 0% Ni content ;-)
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