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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 00:10:22 +0200
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Dear List,

Here are some brief news regarding our current
early Summer unanimously expected event "Ensisheim-2009".

The best is that you have a look at the web site :
(don't write "www")
end select your preferred language.

You will find all details in the corresponding flyer:
as well as other links including the other city web site.

Some fresh news:

* All tables are rented if I include traditional
(last year) attendees. However, so far, 6 tables
remain unclaimed so that, from tomorrow Wednesday
morning on (Ensi time), I will consider they are
free and will allocate them to those who are on
my waiting list (2, perhaps 3 persons) and then
to the first 3 who will ask for (please send mail).

* Remember, the show opens on Friday 9:00 for
dealers AND for ("professional") public (6 euro
entrance for 3 days, 4 euro for Sat & Sun only).
Only registered dealers and accompanying persons
(with nominative badges!) have a permanent free entrance.

* Dealers are urgently requested to provide me
the names of their partners if they wish their
badges to be ready in time (roughly max. one
person per table - slightly flexible though....).

* Friday-party: I have about 80 (plus or minus 5)
reservations. There is still room enough for a
few more and we are always flexible for the very
"late birds". Reservation is seriously
recommended and I'll accept them for one more day time.
It is also advisable to specify the menu, thus
poultry or game (wild animals), though not fully required.

* Friday end-afternoon (tight) schedule:

- 18:00 closure of the Regency Palace

- 18:15 opening remarks (This 10th edition is
dedicated to the memory of our regretted friend
Richard Norton) and enthroning ceremonies (new
brothers: M. Altmann (D), P. Davidson (UK), E.
Dransart (F), H. Stehlik (A) and R. Vataj
(Kosov?) while Alain Carion will receive the
prestigious "golden meteorite award"), general
picture of the assembly, followed by the selected
10th anniversary memory group photo of all the old end new "brothers" present.
Please DO NOT FORGET your enthroning
commemorative PLATE ("porcelaine confr?re-plate"
as pertinently recalled by Alex Seidel) (hm! I almost did!).
Be there, it is for a report for "Meteorite" (I
guess Larry will be pleased to hear that....)

- 18:45: probably a short visit and look inside
the Palace halls by the officials could be
planned. Dealers who wish, can uncover and
enlighten their booths. Covered tables will stay untouched.

- 19:15 Friendly drink (badly needed after talks
in a hot atmosphere - yes, so far, the weather
should (?) stay fair, mild to hot (tomorrow 28?C
or 82F predicted and normally about the same 2 days later...).
In case of (very local) thunder-rain, tents are already set up for everybody.

- From 20:00 on: dinner-party and....much, much
more ! (here YOU ALL are organizing or improvising....)

* Among new dealers: Andrei Barakshin (Ru), while
Alain Carion, Fabien Kunz, Sigi Haberer
and....our old good Serge Afanasiev (yes, him!)
are back! (Serge's come-back is expected to be
duly celebrated by some specific "Russian Tea", eh?...)

* Main attractions:

- 3 dinosaurs around a giant meteorite, not from
Argentina but from the French Department of
Sarthe. Warms thanks Alain Carion!!!! Yes, kids are allowed to touch it.

- 3 very interesting lectures, see flyer. Good
opportunity to improve your French, although
Peter Davidson will speak (slowly) in English.
Expect superb self-understanding slide-shows!

- Many, many weird and splendid beauties from the
skies will be offered for sale, including most of
the recent famous falls...yep, also "those you have in mind"!

- Consignment rooms: meteorites offered for "very
interesting" prices by lot less than 13 different
"shy dealers", either local (organizing
committee) or from far, far away (Oscar Turone,
the "best italian sput-driver in Argentina"...)

- Don't miss some incredible meteorites displayed
in the museum as our thematic "Beautiful Meteorites".
Let me cite just two of them, "almost French":

??- A 591 g crusted MAROMANDIA (from
Madagascar!!!) -probably the only piece of this
elusive meteorite existing in a private collection (anonymous)
??- and that 197 g of MAURITIUS (guess where
from), the largest known fragment, brought by
Peter Davidson from the Edinburgh meteorite museum collection.

I stay at everyone's disposal for any kind of
other odd or wise comment, suggestion or advice.
But hurry up, as I might well not be anymore
available on mail from about Thursday afternoon,
Ensi time ....(still flexible, so always also try late night hours...)

"Ensi '09" looks bright and announces great! June
21: the longest day, the shortest night! A blast!

My warmest welcome to all of you, amigos!!!!!


Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
Universit? de Haute Alsace
3, Rue A. Werner,
F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94
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