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I hope they were large men in suits.

An iron meteorite the size of a small
writing desk (30" x 30" x 54") would
weigh approximately 12,600 pounds.
Say each large man could lift 200 lbs.,
it would take 63 large men to wrestle
it onto the 6 ton trailer which was pulled
by what? A Model T (1928)?

OK, a small old-fashioned school
desk, then (24" x 24" x 36"). That's
6000 pounds, or 30 large men's worth.
Still too much for a 1928 vehicle.


Sterling K. Webb
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I have a question;
I met a lady that swears she witnessed a meteorite fall in Potter, or
Rushville, in the state of New York on her grandfathers farm. His name was
Floyd Lafler. . Potter is just south of Rochester. . She was about 7 years
old around 1928. A meteorite fell and she heard detonations and her whole
house shook. When her family went outside they observed a large iron
meteorite about the size of a large desk. She said it even smelled bad.
Later some men in suits came with a large trailer and hauled the thing away.
She is looking for any information about the fall.
I get nothing on a Google search. Is there any way to find out if this
exists or what could have happened to this meteorite? Thanks.
Carl Esparza
IMCA 5829
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