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From: Michael Gilmer <michael_w_gilmer_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 11:40:14 -0800 (PST)
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Spring Cleaning Part 2 - Meteorite Garage Sale.

I bought too much stuff recently and the wife is starting to look
at me crossways.

So I am cleaning out the nooks and crannies of my specimen cabinet
to free up some cash. All prices are approximate, I am open to
reasonable offers.

Take the entire lot, everything in this ad, for $110 shipped via
Priority Flat Rate Box.

Each micromount specimen comes with a 1.25" gemjar with a label in
the bottom identifying the name, type, country of origin and date
of the fall or find.

Shipping is only $2 to anywhere in the CONUS - if you buy one or
ten, it's only $2.

Buyers outside the CONUS, including Canada and Overseas pay actual
shipping costs - contact me for an estimate.

PayPal preferred. I will accept a USPS Postal Money Order from
CONUS buyers only. Canadian and Overseas buyers must use PayPal.

I have a few larger specimens and themed Riker displays also.

Refer to the photos in the links below. If you want to see a
close-up photo of a particular micromount, feel free to ask and I
will provide one. Some of the micromounts which consist of many
tiny fragments are inside little glass vials with plastic
stoppers. The vial is then placed in a labelled gemjar. All
micromounts were weighed on a milligram scale.


1) UNWA endcut - unclassified, but I am almost certain it is
Al-Haggounia. This is half of the meteorite that I posted to this
list about a few times over the last couple of months. I had it
sent off for cutting, and after consulting with several experienced
list members, I am confident it is a weathered piece of Al-Hagg.
But I am selling it as UNWA because it is not been officially
classified or paired. It's a nice chunky end piece with a clean cut
with lots of mineralized veins, faint chondrules, and high metal
content. Nice wind polished, uncut backside. This endcut weighs 75
grams. Asking $30 or best offer.

2) Al-Haggounia 001 endcut. This is a bonafide Al-Hagg piece that
I acquired from Arizona Johnny. It's a classic slice of this
meteorite, showing the characteristic tan, sandstone-like matrix
with dark veins. This piece is less weathered than the
larger UNWA endcut above, but the natural side lacks wind polish,
which the other piece has. This endcut weighs 17 grams. Asking $10.

3) NWA 869 slice in a 6x8" Riker box with label. This is a large
slice of NWA 869 that weighs 21 grams. It has 2 cut faces that
show lots of chondrules and metal flecks. It also has dark crust
around the edge of the slice. It comes with a label as shown in
the photo. Asking $20 or best offer.

4) Meteorwrongs display in a 6x8" Riker box with label. After
sorting through a few dozen mixed kilos of UNWA material, I ran
across some oddball specimens that are not meteorites, but are
interesting nevertheless. One of them is dead ringer for a
meteorite, but shows no magnetic attraction. I filed a window into
the backside of it, and I am confident it is not a meteorite. I
don't know what it is, but it's some kind of Earth rock imposter.
It even has a faux remnant fusion crust in places. There is also
some silicated rocks with desert varnish that look like
small meteorites. Lastly, there are some magnetite specimens and
something that might be hematite - these all stick to a magnet, but
are not meteorites. This would be a good outreach prop for
identifying meteorites/wrongs. Asking $25

5) Micromounts. Each comes with a labelled gemjar and/or glass
vial. To see photos of specific pieces, email me. Refer to the
close-up photo linked below to get a good idea of what the micros
look like. Asking $5 each, unless otherwise marked. Take them all
for $55 shipped.

Pallasovka - 11 grams of weathered fragments and olivine pieces. Asking $10.
Tulia(a) - 200mg - 3 fragments
Carancas - 90mg of tiny fragments and dust.
Forestburg(a) - 159mg of fragments and dust
NWA 4439 (Carbonaceous CO3.3) - 141mg of small fragments.
Holbrook - 274mg of tiny fragments and dust.
NWA 2634 (Ureilite) - 32mg of small fragments.
Brenham - 281mg of weathered fragments and olivine pieces.
Travis County(b) - 331mg of small fragments.
Dawn(a) - 578mg - small endcut.
Cape York - 127mg of oxidized shale fragments.
Tulia(b) - 138mg of tiny fragments and dust.
Murchison (Carbonaceous CM2) - 25mg of small fragments. Asking $7

Thanks for looking and clear skies! :)


Michael Gilmer (Louisiana, USA)
Member of the Meteoritical Society.
Member of the Bayou Region Stargazers Network.
Websites - http://www.galactic-stone.com and http://www.glassthrower.com

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