[meteorite-list] Find a Falling Star for $35

From: Michael Bross <element33_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 00:34:00 +0100
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Thanks for the information Al !

A bit overwhelmed by infos lately... 2 weeks of intense websearching at
spare time.
I need to get to the digestion/fermentation mode :)
Definitely a book I will buy, but in better condition.

I have started reading on Nininger on the ASU site but will continue with
your link.
I am really getting hooked with meteorites: history, facts, beauty etc...

Talk to you soon
Michael Bross

PS: do I really have to send messages to the list in "Text only" format ?
The "Rich text" doesn't seem to work.

Hi Michael,

First welcome to the list. Glad to see another affectionado here.

Being a Nininger fan I think I can answer your question. First meteorite
books are not printed in very large numbers. They tend to cost more to begin
with. Nininger is considered by many the father of American Meteoritics and
brought about a new way of finding them, researching them. Most of these
books are grabbed up by the many new collectors coming into the hobby and
are stanard meteorite information in most collectors libraries. Some
Nininger books can fetch several hundred dollars when sold as they are a
collectable in their own rights. Books with his signiture are more sought

The book is worth buying at the $35 price. Warning though, if you read it
you will be hooked on meteorites and meteorite hunting. It will give you
great insight of what a hunter goes through. Find a Fallen Star is a self
biography by Nininger himself.

You should also subscribe to Meteorite Magazine which will help you with the
hobby. Next issue will be one worth reading.

You can also go to this website for more information on Nininger and


Hope you have a great time enjoying this wonderful hobby.

--AL Mitterling
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