[meteorite-list] Ensisheim show, Ensisehim meteorite & other irons

From: Zelimir Gabelica <Zelimir.Gabelica_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 19:52:02 +0100
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Hi Michael,

I am only sporadically on mail these times (some health problems) and can
only reply now.

The Ensisehim museum has a new curator who is responsible for the display
some other meteorites (than the 53.831 grams "King Ensisehim"). These (2
irons) were basically gifts.

The first iron is obviously a Campo del Cielo ("old style"), kindly offered
almost 8-9 years ago by Oscar Turone (Argentina), when he visited the
museul for the first time.

The second iron is a gift from a dealer from Morocco. The museum
responsible at the time does neither remember the donor's name, nor the
iron name.

I personally did not see it yet, nor was aware about that gift. When I drop
-soon) to the museum, I could perhaps tell you more.

NB: If somebody intends to visit the museum any time, just feel free to
contact one of us so we can make your visit more personalized (and
Hi listees,

Regarding "Ensisheim 2009 show (10th anniversary), as both Jean-Marie
Blosser ("Grand-Ma?tre" of the Confraternity) and myself are right now
being confronted with some health problems, the show flyer is being delayed.
We will send to the List fresh news in about 2 weeks, after a local plenary

For those who inquired about show dates and some specific side-organized
events, the show itself will be held on Sat June 20 and Sun June 21
(9:30-18:00) (It ends on Sunday just before the Ste Marie show unofficially
starts....), with the "deler's day" on Fri 19.
The Friday and Saturday parties are maintained on about the same (slightly
improved) basis as in the past (dinner outside, served by specific
I will send you info on when and how to make reservations in due time. But
yes, reservation (at least for Friday) is duly recommended.

I will also try to progressively send personalized replies to all those
inquiring since a time.

Keep patience, this 10th edition anounces just great and....crowded!

Best to all,


A 00:22 09/03/2009 +0100, Michael Bross a ?crit :
>Hello list members
>A short message about Ensisheim.
>Being alone, I took a lot of photos, although it is quite difficult to get
>good ones with
>the displays and busy backgrounds. But a nice small museum with
>interesting artifacts
>from the potash mining + some very nice archeological pieces, including a rare
>"trepanated" skull.
>There are 2 other Iron meteorites in a display next to the famous one, but
>with no
>information about their origin. Do you know them ?
>They are quite big also.
>I will call this week to try to get more info, Saturday it was a student
>who took care of the museum.
>A bientot
>Michael Bross
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