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Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 20:13:44 +0000
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                     Having been following falls/sightings for some time,
I've wondered the same thing. Has there been more lately? But I kept quiet
and said nothing.

  On camping trips, my sons and I count satellites and meteors, and do some
amateur astronomy, as I have been doing for almost fifty years.

  We try to time our camping trips to co-incide with a meteor shower to get
a better show.

  And in all those years, I saw only two big really bright fireballs, one of
them during the middle of the day. (big bright green ball of light going
across the sky right near noon-hour) Fantastic luck !!!

  But in just the past couple years I saw two more, (only at night, not
during day) when all the previous years I saw only two. I believe that is
just a coincidence

   But it is interesting that I am not the only one suspecting that maybe,
just maybe... there has been more witnessed and even filmed falls in the
past few years. Does this represent an increase of meteoroids in our
neighborhood ??? Some change in our area of the Solar System ??
  I don't think so. But who knows for sure ?

  I don't know.

   It is an interesting question.

  Rob Williamson
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