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Documentation is of the utmost importance. For example, I have photos of the owner of Worden holding the piece, a pic of the garage roof and the car that was smashed. I think I still have the cancelled check!

A signed affidavit is always nice. I know Darryl Pitt provided that with every chunk of Valera he sold.

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(I really meant to stay out of that discussion, but.............)

Yes, there were two Valera stones, one hammered a cow, the other one simply
impacted the ground.
Now, when you buy a piece of Valera, how do you know that you are getting a
piece of the cow-killer? No blood on it, I believe.
And the question applies to most of the other "hammers" on the market. The
only probable exceptions being pieces with a bit of paint, red for Peekskill or
Worden, yellow for one of the Park Forest. The rest.....???????????
I just sold a very nice slice of Valera, I most certainly did not present it
as a hammer.
Just my opnion.

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As it regards Venezuela's extraterrestrial hammering.....Valera is a
two stone fall.


On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:52 PM, Rob Wesel wrote:

> Agreed, Valera is way under priced and underappreciated for a single
> stone fall...let alone a cow killer that is often sold with copies
> of the affidavit.
> Peekskill, Claxton, Sylacauga, maybe it's a U.S. thing, Valera
> should be in the mix.
> Rob Wesel
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>> Make that on the rocks....
>> As long as the only meteorite that has been extensively documented
>> to have killed an animal sells for just $10/g (Valera)---any notion
>> of a value-added for a hammering rests with the truly hammered....

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