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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 03:16:11 +0100
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Yah, but we shouldn't exaggerate.
Sometimes I have the feeling, with any new fall most collectors are praying
O Lord, please do NOT let it be a "hammer".
Cause then they can't afford a nice specimen anymore.

Imagine all the great showers from Maghreb, Amgala, Bassi, Chergach - for
many collectors they were the only chance to acquire a larger stone or
entire stone of a real world-class quality, which they never would be able
to pay from the other falls.
Imagine if one of these stones would have hit something (uh my mind's eye
sees already a Bedouin with a sledge hammer in his hand in front of an old
oil barrel, telling to his fellows: hey guys, I'm a great magician. With one
move I'm able to quadruple the price of a whole meteorite shower and this
rusty barrel will be worth, as it if would be made of silver, cause the
unbelievers are stupid like bread....).
Or imagine earlier - Juancheng for instance. Great shower, great stones,
started at 2$ - and there weren't these Maghreb-falls yet, hence a great
pleasure for any collector - and of course it was always reported that it
hit huts and the pot on the stove. But reasonably nobody was thinking to ask
or to pay 10$/g or 20$/g or so because of that anecdote.

Well and most falls are recovered in populated areas, cause they are
populated. And most meteorites don't come down as a single stone. So it's
unavoidable that the hit "a thing".
And the perspective, that from now on every second new fall will be priced
at 100$ and up, because of that, is not a fine one.

Hammers are a fun, but only a fun, and the circumstances that they felt on
something, is for many, if not most collectors, of very subordinated
interest, cause meteorites tend always to fall down and to land, else they
were no meteorites.


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Agreed, Valera is way under priced and underappreciated for a single stone
fall...let alone a cow killer that is often sold with copies of the

Peekskill, Claxton, Sylacauga, maybe it's a U.S. thing, Valera should be in
the mix.

Rob Wesel
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> Make that on the rocks....
> As long as the only meteorite that has been extensively documented to
> have killed an animal sells for just $10/g (Valera)---any notion of a
> value-added for a hammering rests with the truly hammered....
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