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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 21:38:46 -0700 (MST)
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Hi Mike and all:

This has been an exciting past few months.

In fact Meteorite magazine will have six articles on three recent falls,
which must be a record!

Thanks to all of you who contributed.


On Tue, March 10, 2009 9:27 pm, Michael Farmer wrote:

> Late at night here in Texas, about my only free moments after cleaning up
> and doctering the many blisters on my feet! Up late tonight, as it seems
> that almost one amazing month after our newest resident to Earth arrived,
> the party may be about to end. A very serious rainfall event is almost
> here, and as sad as it is that pristine meteorites are about to be
> soaked, Texas is in extreme drought and needs this rain. Most of the farm
> fields are planted, waiting for this, and many ponds are dry or nearly
> so. Everyone here is watching the sky and tonight is likely the night.
> We have saved hundreds of meteorites for museums, scientific study, and
> private collectors. With at least 60, more likely 70 meteorite hunters,
> he have spent thousands of man-hours walking the fields. I myself have
> walked well over 200 miles in the last month, finding 19 meteorites
> myself, buying more, and losing a few pounds in the meantime! More than
> 200 meteorite pieces have been recovered, with a total known weight now
> approaching ~7.5 kilos or so. All of this done in a mostly friendly way,
> some friction, but nothing much to speak about. We are all now
> collaborating on the data, and getting this thing right and in the
> bulletin ASAP. Some great and not so great media attention has fueled
> further interest in our field. Just today was at John Enders property
> (the only pay-to-play game in town where more than ~60 meteorites have
> been found) and a car pulled up, and a woman got out. She asked us and
> the landowner if we were hunting meteorites, we all replied yes and she
> immediately asked the terms. He told her $50.00 per day, and a gram price
> for whatever you find. Sunrise to sunset are hunting times. She plans to
> return and hunt with some friends from Dallas! Anyone coming here, contact
> John and Gary Enders 254 709 9323 and you can search 500 acres of
> farmland covered in meteorites! I saw 9 pieces pulled off that land in
> the last 3 days. This is your best chance as many landowners do not want
> more people around sadly.
> This fall has been amazing, like Park Forest 6 years ago, it allowed so
> many people to find their first meteorites, and first fall pieces. And a
> new meteorite was saved from the dirt as much as possible. I sure hope
> another one comes down sooner than later. 6 years was too long to wait
> for a great American gold rush!
> Michael Farmer
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