[meteorite-list] Peekskill and UFOs ..was Hammer Juancheng etc

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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 11:26:21 +0100
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Hehe, Elton, way to go ahm to speed :-)

Btw. don't you think it's time now to appeal to all these lousy stone
throwers to do a better job and help automobile industry out of the crisis?
Okay, wouldn't be so good for insurance companies, but ...

Best, Matthias

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I wish I had had you hear last week to explain this to some new friends of

I don't know if anyone recalls this but soon after Peekskill hit there was a
elaborate web page espousing that Peekskill was shot specifically into
Michele's car by aliens to send a message about the upcoming end of the
world in 2000 (which I now assume was postponed till Dec 2012). Seems the
author had deciphered a cosmic puzzle via her license plate numbers through
an elaborate list of references and azimuths etc.--this to demonstrate how
accurate they could steer objects over UFO-ology class space time voids.

I have long-since always placed aluminum foil and thick mud over my
license(registration) plate to defeat Alien detection and avoid such a fate.
"I explained this over and over to the officer,I says to Your Honor, but he
insisted I tell it to you personally"... I should be out in time for Tucson.


--- On Tue, 3/17/09, Matthias B?rmann <majbaermann at web.de> wrote:
"That reminds me of old German God Thor (or Donar), closely
related to old Greek Zeus, old roman Jupiter tonans, old Celt Taranis,
using a stony (sic!) thunderbolt as a weapon, thrown vehemently via
lightning from sky to earth.

 All these prominent guys: did they waste their time by throwing just for
fun? Of course not. At least they t r i e d to hit someone or something."
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