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From: Michael Gilmer <michael_w_gilmer_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 20:43:02 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Geoff Notkin and List!

Is there any update on what happened to the 3-part TV series
"Cosmic Collisions" ? Discovery Channel aired one part, but then
nothing else - unless I went into a coma and missed it. I really
wanted to see the episode that focuses on meteorites. Does anyone
know if it was aired or not? And is there anywhere I can purchase
it on DVD?

Thanks and clear skies!


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> Dear Michael:
> Thank you for the heads-up.
> Steve Arnold #1 and I worked extensively on this three-part
> Discovery
> Channel show last year, and we're looking forward to
> seeing it. The
> director called me last week and said they were
> airing"Cosmic
> Collisions" out of sequence -- not that it matters in
> terms of
> continuity for viewers.
> Steve and I filmed on location in Kansas for several days,
> and they
> also shot some additional interiors with me and my
> assistants here in
> Tucson. The whole crew were extremely enthusiastic and
> professional
> and we have high hopes for the show. Steve and I will be in
> segment
> #2; it was #3 which aired this evening. I gather that the
> second
> segment is largely about meteorites, but we haven't
> seen it yet
> ourselves. We'll post air dates when we have them, and
> I hope you
> enjoyed tonight's episode. I was too busy getting ready
> for the gem
> show to catch it : ) Please let us know what you thought.
> I posted this last year, but it may be of interest to those
> watching
> the show. It is my on-location photo essay about making the
> episode:
> http://www.aerolite.org/expeditions/brenham-2008/intro.htm
> And for those of you heading to Tucson: it was sunny but
> cool today.
> Warmer temperatures in the low 70s expected this weekend.
> Several
> dealers are already set up at the InnSuites and Day's
> Inn and there
> was plenty of activity this morning, with trucks arriving
> and unloading.
> I'll be in our showroom with Anne Black for fifteen
> days, starting at
> 10 am this coming Saturday (InnSuites #230), so please drop
> by and say
> hello if you're in town. We will have the actual
> "Cosmic Collisions"
> oriented Brenham pallasite on display in our showroom for
> the duration:
> http://www.aerolite.org/expeditions/brenham-2008/31.htm
> With best wishes,
> Geoff N.
> www.aerolite.org
> www.campometeorites.com
> www.tucsongemandmineralshows.net

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